Deploying your android applications on DELL XCD 35 – Solving the USB Driver problem

I had been recently trying to install my simple Hello world application in android into my new DELL XCD. I had followed all the steps written in the android documentation. My application worked on the emulator in the eclipse environment but my phone was not detected in the windows platform. After exhaustive search i found out that the USB driver required for my DELL XCD35 was available in the form of a .exe file on my mobile’s original Micro SD memory card. The shocker was that there was no direct download available from DELL’s website for the same. So if you loose this file, or have exchanged the Micro SD card for a better version then you are in trouble as you wont get it from DELL also (at least at the time of writing this article)

So folks, i have uploaded the same file  for those who want it. –Dell Phone Android USB Connector Device Driver

For Those who are new to Android development, check out the hello world tutorial at android documentation

For general information on how to deploy your application on your android mobiles check it out here at android docs ; you may also need to have a look at the USB device drivers for android for different models


ps: glad we could help you guys!: sample 😛